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What is the PTC?

The Punok Training Center  is  the place for you to train with World Champions and the best ranked athletes in the world from now until December from the convenience of your home !

Is this Center only for Punok athletes?

No, the PTC is open to any elite students no matter what brand they wear.  This club gives athletes the chance to train with 6 of the best athletes in the world. 

What are the main goals of the PTC?

1) Provide karate students and competitors from all over the world with classes and learning tools to improve. All the classes are conducted by World Champions or # 1 athletes in the World ranking. 

2) All the income generated from these classes will go to the athletes.  This initiative is done to help athletes with their expenses and training. 

What are the days and times of the classes?

The Training Center offers one class every week (one class every Saturday):

1st Saturday of the month is Kumite with a World Champion

2nd Saturday of every month is Kata with a World  Champion 

3rd Saturday of month is Kumite with a World Champion

4th Saturday of the month is Kata with a World Champion

5th Saturday of the month is Kumite with a World Champion

(when the month has 5 Saturdays)

Most classes are at 11:30 am (USA EST) and some classes will be at 1:00 pm (USA EST). 

Exact classes times will be posted on the calendar and will also be announced on our Punok social media pages every week. 

What is the cost?


Classes for 4 weeks = $49


What level of students is this  Training Center for?


The PTC hosts students from all over the world and was created for Elite students or students that want perform at an elite level. 

Are all classes online/virtual?


Yes, all classes are live-streamed and all PTC members can participate in the classes. You can do the class/training at home or any other place of your choice. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to take the Live class, you can view the recording of it at anytime for 5 days after the class.


How do you become a member?


Go to the registration page and select your desired option.  You can pay for your membership there. 


Do I need special equipment or technology to access the classes?


No, you can access them from your mobile phone. Or if you prefer, you could access from your laptop or from any other device where you can watch an online video/livestream.

Is there a contract?

No, you pay as you go.

Who teaches the Weekly classes?

Our club has 6 World renowned instructors and you will train with one of them every week. 


For more details on the instructors, you can click here. 

Are the classes conducted in English?


Yes, for now all our live classes and seminars are conducted in English. We are studying the possibility of conducting classes in Spanish as well.

Can I see the calendar of classes?

Every week, we post on our Punok social media pages who will be the instructor of the week. For sure, you will get one of the 6 instructors on our page. The exact calendar classes will be posted soon!


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