Indianapolis - USA - 09/23/16

SPONSORSHIP: The first place winners of the finals 12-17 years old advanced divisions will be sponsored by Punok in 2018. Do you know what being sponsored means and what will these athletes receive?

1) More than $2,000 cash prize to be divided among the advanced divisions finals first place winners to help compensate for travel expenses.

2) A whole set of uniform and protectors (Kumite winners).

3) A whole set of Kata uniform and belts (Kata winners).

4) A full set of Punok apparel items.

5) Athletes picture on our Punok Facebook page.

6) Extensive follow up through 2017 on our Facebook page.

7) Free registration for our 2018 Punok Open.

 For more information about our event, click here: PUNOK OPEN

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